Round Table Mastermind
Private Only

Let’s kick off the year on a positive note by addressing crucial questions to make sure this year surpasses all expectations.  Although we make this commitment annually, let’s translate our recently finalised annual plans into action and set the wheels in motion.

We will be at the Hyatt Regency on Wednesday 17th January 2024. As usual, refreshments and lunch will be provided.  Looking forward to a productive and successful year ahead!

1-Day Mastermind
(All levels)

In our upcoming 1-Day Mastermind, we’re heading to Birmingham at the Hyatt Recency, aiming to make it more convenient for those of you in the South. We understand the significance of addressing crucial questions to sustain your flourishing businesses. particularly after crafting that vital Annual Plan for 2024.

As always, lunch and refreshments will be provided and its better than ever.  Looking forward to a productive session!

'How to Turn Casual Conversations in to Clients' with Matt Elwell
Expert Training session for Gold & Private members

Join us on Wednesday, January 31st, as we welcome Matt Elwell for our upcoming Expert training Session. This is an unmissable opportunity focusing on ‘Turning Casual Conversations in to Clients’.  Here is a brief overview of Matt and why you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on this session.

Director of the Elite Closing Academy, Sales Trainer & Coach, Author of ‘Open With A Close’ and Public Speaker Matt Elwell is currently on a mission to change the way the world sells, to help business-owners get quick wins, gain more clients and grown their business.

Matt has 22 years’ experience as an entrepreneurial business owner. His sales career has ranged from cold-calling to successfully negotiation multi six/seven figure contracts in the UK and America.


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