Three Calls with Sam that could Skyrocket your Agency in the Next Three Months


A call to help you figure out how you can get through 5-10x the doors you’re currently doing.

An in-depth session to assess your current business structure, and identify the areas that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Book a call with Sam

Get clear on your agency's growth strategy with Sam Ashdown.

What to expect on a call:

It's a super informal, friendly chat with me, Sam.

I'll take time to understand where you're at with your agency's growth plan, and help you get clear about what you need. 

You can ask any questions you've got about systems, processes, structure or anything else. I've got tons of experience in this area and when it comes to building your agency, I've pretty much seen it all. 

Then, if it's a fit (and there's zero pressure), I'll explain how the AJ Mastermind could help you. 

I love nothing more than talking to agency owners and helping them with their ambitious growth plans. I promise our chat will be informative and illuminating, even if you never work with us.


Our pricing

We like pricing to be simple and transparent. There’s an annual fee for your Mastermind membership, starting at £9,000 plus vat, up to £24,000 plus vat. For those of you who don’t have the cash upfront, we have payment options available too.

We also have an epic guarantee too – see below for more on this.


Our rock-solid guarantee

When you join us, your investment is 100% guaranteed.

If you:

  • Attend the Mastermind meetings
  • Implement the strategies
  • Ask for help if you find yourself struggling

And you don’t create at least 5x your investment in listing fees within your membership, we’ll refund you in full.

Not ready to book a call but would like to know more?

Drop us a line at or call us on 015394 40892 and we can pop a brochure over to you before you've finished your coffee.

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