I’m Sam Ashdown, proud co-founder of the AJ Group with him below (son-inlaw and business partner). For 18 years I ferociously resisted the urge to move from industry coach to opening an agency. 

One cold December evening, using my future grandkids’ quality of life as leverage, Phil blackmailed me into opening AshdownJones. How could I refuse? 

Five years on, a few months after hitting a turnover of just short of a million pounds (single office, sales-only) and the subsequent opening of our second branch, Phil and I created the AJMastermind to help, grow and empower other agents to create the agency and the life of their dreams.


Since approaching Sam (at the ripe old age of 24) with the crazy idea of opening an estate agency, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for sure – both amazing and awful – luckily more of the former and less of the latter. 

We’ve now built AshdownJones into a company Sam and I, and the whole team, are incredibly proud of. We smashed through our sales targets last year to reach just under £1 million in sales-only revenue, and our next goal is to create an AshdownJones branch network, taking our bespoke marketing to high-value homes across the north of England.

In creating the AJ Mastermind, we get to share our marketing and growth ideas with other like- minded agents, constantly challenging ourselves and innovating. It’s super exciting, not only steering our own growth but also witnessing that of our fabulous Mastermind members too. 



When it comes to making sure systems and processes are in place and keeping everything operationally excellent, I’m the lady!

Working closely with Sam & Phil, I help drive the vision and ambition of all companies within our AshdownJones Group. With a keen eye for detail, I project manage, multi task and keep all the KPIs and finances on track too.

I make sure that all the people at HQ are happy, supported and developing professionally. I’m always happy to share our best practices and keen to learn from yours too.



I’m 100% dedicated to everything to do with client events. From event calendar planning, creative idea generation, client experience, right through to communication, delivery and our post-match analysis!

I love organising and I know how precious your time is. I’m always on hand to listen to what you want, the more I understand your needs, the more our events can be tailored to you. A big part of my job is maximising what you get out of events, so get ready to bring your burning questions and have them answered…whilst having a whole lot of fun along the way!

I am an avid road and fell runner, pushing myself to the limits in everything I do, including work!



When it comes to our clients, you’re in safe hands with me! 

I’m on hand, right from the outset of your Mastermind journey, offering guidance and assistance to ensure you have the confidence and know-how to grow your business from strength to strength. 

The biggest part of my job is to have the ability to understand your needs and wants and deliver the best client experience to you at every point of contact. 

I love getting to know all my clients on a personal level and being your go-to for any queries big or small.



I run the team and back office, making sure the Mastermind events run smoothly and our team are fully supported so they can, in turn, support you! 

I’m the guy behind the scenes (and the tech) making sure all our projects are kept on track, organising member events, preparing content for publication & generally keeping the wider team motivated and in high spirts. 

I’m friendly and willing to go above and beyond to make sure all our members are getting the most out of what we do!



Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a marketing and content creator for the AJ Mastermind team . I work a lot behind the scenes within marketing but I love getting stuck into everything and helping where I can, especially anything creative. I’m proud to be a part of this ambitious team and will go above and beyond to ensure you have a great experience with us.

I look forward to meeting you at a future event!


Our values are the standards we hold ourselves to,
both as a team and as individuals

Our values are the standards we hold ourselves to, both as a team and as individuals

Sam and Phil 6388-e
Sam and Phil 6388-e